Voice Therapy

Are you experiencing troubles with your voice? Have you experienced a change in your voice recently? Do you lose your voice regularly? Does your throat get sore or strained, or voice feel tired after a day of work? Do you find it difficult to project or be heard in noisy environments or large rooms? Do you wake up with a sore throat every morning? Do you have a history of muscle tension dysphonia (MTD), nodes, polyps, acid reflux, or trauma/surgery to the neck or throat?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, voice therapy might be for you.

Voice therapy at TASC uses current and evidence-based methods to treat the following voice concerns you may be experiencing and more:

  • hoarse or harsh voice

  • shortness of breath

  • weak voice

  • abnormally high or low pitch

  • frequent voice breaks

  • persistent glottal fry or uptalk

  • difficulty projecting the voice

  • chronic cough

  • sudden loss of voice

  • loss of voice in high-anxiety situations

At TASC, we are passionate about the voice. We offer a holistic approach to voice therapy services (including Laryngeal Massage, voice therapy exercises, and healthy voice lifestyle education) to help you understand and use your voice more effectively. We collaborate with you to determine a voice treatment plan that is individualized and supports not only your voice but your lifestyle.

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At TASC, we also offer voice therapy for special populations. Read more about them here: