Voice Therapy for Singers

Singers have unique voice therapy needs. Not only are singers often professional voice users and rely on their voice for income, but they use their instrument differently depending on what style or venue they are singing. As a result, traditional voice therapy is not often sufficient for singers and they require a more thorough understanding of their instrument to fully meet their needs in therapy.

At TASC, our speech-language pathologist is a professional singer who has experience in laryngeal massage, researching and teaching the anatomy and physiology of the voice, teaching singing and coaching techniques, teaching masterclasses and lectures throughout Southwestern Ontario, and of course, providing voice therapy to singers from a wide variety of styles.

Common concerns of singers who seek voice therapy include (but are not limited to):

  • Vocal node or vocal polyp prevention and rehabilitation

  • Laryngeal, pharyngeal, or oral surgery rehabilitation

  • Excessive strain or weakness in speaking voice

  • Increased rate of vocal fatigue

  • Reduced range

  • Increased tension in mouth, neck, and shoulders

  • Register-specific issues

  • Difficulties with resonance and sensation of the voice

  • Throat or jaw pain when singing

  • General vocal health and lifestyle concerns

  • Projection issues

  • Voice not "warming up" or "cooling down" effectively

  • Contractual obligations or unfamiliar singing styles requiring special techniques

Every voice is different. Whatever your voice therapy needs, our speech-language pathologist will work with you (and if necessary your voice teacher and/or ENT) to develop an individualized assessment and treatment plan.

Contact us or book your initial consultation online and start working towards a stronger, healthier voice today!

NEW at TASC: By popular demand, singing voice lessons at Toronto Adult Speech Clinic are now available! Find out more here.

*Our professional voice therapy services are often covered by traditional private insurance plans and through union-organized insurance packages such as those offered by Equity and ACTRA.