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At Toronto Adult Speech Clinic, we offer a refined variety of services to support the diverse of needs of our community. Speech therapy is covered by most insurance plans, and often without a doctor's referral. Not sure if you could benefit from speech therapy? Contact us to book an initial consult with a speech-language pathologist and have your questions answered.

If you are a post-secondary student and are interested in finding out how Toronto Adult Speech Clinic may be able to help you while in school and preparing to enter the work force, check out our information page for students here.

General Services

Stuttering and Stammering

Stuttering (or stammering) affects the "flow" or "fluency" of speech. Adults who stutter may have received services when they were children and noticed their stutter returned after puberty or well into adulthood. For others, their stuttering was manageable, but now seems to be taking control of their speech. Stuttering therapy at TASC can help you reclaim control of your speech.

Accent Modification

With Toronto's multicultural mosaic, more than half (~64%) of the adult population reports speaking a language other than English at home. This creates a rich tapestry of accents that are often misunderstood. As a result, many of these adults are seeking speech therapy services to improve their mastery of the sounds of English for both professional and social reasons. 

Voice Therapy

The voice is an important part of our identity and how others perceive us. It affects how we communicate not only what we want to say, but how we want to say it. If you experience frequent loss of voice, strain, difficulty being heard, sensation of pain, etc.- TASC has an individualized adult voice therapy program that can help set you on the path to a more consistent and dependable voice.

Lisp Therapy

Are you and adult with a lisp? Have you always had a lisp or maybe noticed it became more apparent later in life? Do you feel it is affecting you personally or professionally? Many adults who have a lisp think that it is not possible to change their speech. Good news- It is possible to get rid of a lisp with our age-appropriate and no-nonsense approach to lisp therapy for adults. 

Transgender Communication

As society continues to progress towards transgender inclusion, more individuals are feeling free to live their gender identity. As a result, the need is growing for safe and supportive services that respect and facilitate an individual's authentic gender expression. At TASC, our speech therapist is specially-trained and passionate about transgender communication training.

Professional Services

Professional Communication

Communication plays a critical role in professional life, particularly in today's competitive job market. At TASC, we provide communication skills training in areas that will help you stand out and bolster your competitive edge. Our programs are individualized and tailored to the needs of any type of professional.

Singing Voice Therapy

As a singer your voice is your life and often your livelihood. Traditional voice therapy is not enough when caring for your instrument. In addition to training in speech-language pathology, our speech therapist at TASC has over a decade of voice training and teaching experience to make sure your voice receives the attention and individualized care it deserves.

Professional Voice Training

Communication plays a critical role in many different professions. As a result, it is not uncommon for professionals such as teachers, lawyers, managers, actors, singers, etc. to experience voice difficulties or even voice disorders. Voice training and therapy at TASC is individually tailored for each voice user and can ensure your voice is healthy and reliable for you whenever you need it.


Making changes to your communication as an adult IS possible with Communication Skills Training at Toronto Adult Speech Clinic. All you have to do is take the first step! Contact us to book your initial consultation and find out how we can help you become a stronger communicator.


Scheduling and Payments

New Client?

All new or potential clients may use our contact information to schedule their first appointment with a speech-language pathologist, or register to book an appointment online. Please note, online booking requires a credit card be secured on file, however, at your session, payment can be made in whatever way is most convenient for you.  

Your first appointment will be an initial consultation and it is a chance for you to meet with a speech therapist, discuss your concerns and possible treatment options, as well as ask any questions. At TASC we understand your time is money, and we will send you an intake form for you to fill out (optional) before your initial consult so that you have more time to ask questions and receive the information you want before starting therapy.

*Important* Unless otherwise discussed with the speech-language pathologist, all new clients choosing to use our online booking option, must select the appointment type: Initial Consultation. If you accidentally schedule yourself for a Standard Appointment, don't worry! We will switch your appointment to an initial consultation for you!

Returning client?

If you have already had an initial consultation and wish to use our online booking system, click the link below. Be advised, for online booking a credit card is required on file, however you are still able to pay for a session by whatever method you choose.



Payment for sessions

At TASC we offer a wide variety of payment options for your convenience:

  • Cash

  • Visa Debit

  • All major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Amex)

All sessions are subject to a 24hr cancellation policy.