Communication Training For Your Future

To many people, a speech-language pathologist (or speech therapist) works only with children or adults who have had a stroke. While those populations do benefit from speech therapy, it is also possible for the others to benefit from the expertise of a speech-language pathologist.

At Toronto Adult Speech Clinic (TASC), we work with post-secondary students to foster the development of the communication skills that schools and today's competitive job markets continue to demand. These include:

  • Social communication and small talk

  • Clear and concise communication (written and verbal)

  • Mumbling

  • Fluent presentation of ideas

  • Presentation skills (voice projection, organization, etc.)

  • Communicating in conflict

  • Assertive communication

  • Effective negotiation

  • Communicating in a group

  • Confident and genuine non-verbal communication

  • Professional vocabulary

  • Active listening

  • Attention and memory

  • Other areas

Do you think you might benefit from development of one or more of these skills? You can contact our speech-language pathologist to find out how an individualized training program can help you develop your communication skills and make you a more holistic communicator. *

Start taking advantage of the benefits you are already paying for in student fees today, and find out how our registered speech-language pathologist can help you reach your communication potential. 

*Our services are covered by most family insurance plans as well as insurance plans offered through your College or University.

Many Universities and Colleges in Toronto use the insurance provider Green Shield Canada for their student insurance plans. Looking for speech therapy covered by Green Shield Canada? Our speech-language pathologist is registered with ProviderConnect and can submit your Green Shield or SSQ Financial Group claims directly to make it more convenient for you.

You can click the links below to find out more about your coverage through Green Shield Canada or SSQ Financial Group.