Social Communication

Social communication is the area of speech therapy that addresses how we interact with those around us- our social skills. Our communication is how we connect with people and foster important personal and professional relationships. When we are not able to communicate effectively or develop rapport with others because of challenges associated with social skills, it can lead to anxiety, frustration, and other professional and personal challenges. 

Whether there is a diagnosis of social anxiety or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or no diagnosis or disorder at all- a speech therapist can provide you with the necessary tools to develop the practical areas of social interaction. Speech therapy at TASC offers functional solutions for adults in areas of social skill development.

Areas of social communication that can be addressed in speech therapy include:

  • small talk
  • networking
  • assertive communication
  • negotiation
  • turn-taking and pragmatics
  • saying "No"
  • developing and fostering new relationships
  • communicating in conflict

Successful social interactions are within reach. Contact us to meet with a speech therapist and find out how we can help you develop your social skills.