Professional Voice Therapy

A professional voice user is anyone who relies heavily on their voice to make a living (i.e. any inconsistencies or loss of voice may result in loss of income or even work). These include but are not limited to:

  • singers 
  • actors 
  • lawyers
  • teachers/professors
  • doctors
  • nurses
  • receptionists
  • sales and marketing representatives
  • managers
  • consultants

At TASC, our speech-language pathologist is a professional voice user (singer) and recognizes the emotional, social, and financial impact that losing your voice can have on you. It is our priority to work with you, often in conjunction with your ENT, to develop a voice therapy and rehabilitation program that suits your individual needs. Whether you are a singer who is trying to reduce the impact of your speaking voice on your singing voice, or a teacher/professor finding it difficult to project without constantly losing your voice or raising your pitch- a speech therapist can help. 

With speech and voice therapy being covered by most insurance and benefit plans including Equity and ACTRA members, learn how to take care of your voice while using the benefits you pay for anyway!

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