Lisp Therapy

Lisp therapy is designed to treat difficulty with primarily "s," "sh," and "ch" sounds. A lisp often results in a person's speech becoming somewhat "slushy" or unclear because of how frequently these sounds are found in the English language. In some cases, productions of these sounds may have a "whistle" quality to them (particularly "s").

Many adults who have a lisp either received some form of treatment when they were children or never addressed it as a concern. For those who have never been bothered by their lisp, their reason for seeking speech therapy is one of professional development. For those who are bothered by their lisp, they may feel that the lisp causes people to view them and their communication in a negative light.

In either case, TASC takes a no-nonsense, age-appropriate approach to treating a lisp in our adult clients. With consistent practice and regular attendance in therapy, a lisp is treatable for adults.

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