Why Adult Speech Therapy?

Adult speech therapy in Toronto is a collaboration

Why Adult Speech Therapy?

Empowering adults to reach their communication potential with an adult approach

One of the questions I get asked the most as a speech-language pathologist who works with adults is, “Can speech therapy really change my communication as an adult?” It is true that as adults we often take things like our speech, our voice, our vocabulary, or other parts of our communication for granted. The way we communicate may seem abstract in many ways and already “developed.”

That is to say- for many people, their communication is something that they think of as developing when they were children. Then at some point in their life, they were no longer working on things like vocabulary, reading, or writing, and they were able to communicate effectively enough.

As a speech therapist who chooses to work primarily with adults, I find speech therapy and communication training for adults to be very rewarding. When working with my adult clients, I consider it a true collaboration and this is what makes speech therapy for adults unique and exciting.

I see three types of clients at my clinic:

  1. The adult who comes aware of having a disorder or particular area of their communication that needs development

  2. The adult who is seeking to be the best version of themselves and wants to work on professional development in broader areas of their communication.

  3. The adult who is a combination of the above two types of clients. Perhaps they are aware of an area of their communication that requires development, but do not feel it has been significant in holding them back. Still, they have decided to dedicate some time to their own personal and professional development.

Regardless of why an adult seeks out speech therapy, voice therapy, or communication training, my philosophy is that they deserve to be treated as adults during the process. At TASC, we build our adult approach on a guarantee of respect, collaboration, individualized therapy approaches, and levels of support that promote independence in our clients rather than dependence on their therapist.

The bottom line is that adults are able to achieve functional change and growth in themselves as communicators with the help of a speech therapist. With the right individualized approach, adult speech therapy can empower a person to communicate the best version of themselves. Whether you have a disorder of your speech, language, or voice, or you just want to refine a specific communication skill set- our speech-language pathologist at TASC is here to help.

Find out more about the wide range of speech therapy, voice therapy, or communication training services we offer for adults here, or contact us for more information.