May is Speech and Hearing Month

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May is Speech and Hearing Month

Promoting Awareness for the Right to Communicate

May is a month of the year set aside by speech-language pathologists and audiologists to promote communication and our roles to the public. There are many misconceptions about what a speech-language pathologist does, particularly when working with adults. So for this month, Toronto Adult Speech Clinic (TASC) will be regularly posting short tips and blog posts here and on our Facebook page about what exactly an “SLP” does, and the different areas of communication we can help people to develop.

Before we go break into more specific details about the different areas a speech-language pathologist works with, I thought it would be helpful to explain our role.

First- a speech-language pathologist (or SLP), works on more than just speech and language. A speech-language pathologist is a communication specialist that is trained to support any area that might impact communication (including but not limited to: thinking, listening, reading, writing, attention, memory, reasoning, voice, non-verbal communication/body language, and of course speaking, pronunciation, and use or understanding of language). In addition to communication, a speech-language pathologist also provides support to people who have difficulty swallowing food or liquids.

Second- a speech-language pathologist does help people who stutter, who have a voice disorder (including vocal nodes or polyps), who have had a brain injury or stroke, or who have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. However, a speech-language pathologist also works with people who have never received an official diagnosis. Perhaps a person notices areas of difficulty under pressure or only in certain environments. Or perhaps they were in a car accident several years ago, never received a diagnosis of brain injury or concussion but are only now noticing difficulties in areas like memory, attention, or reasoning. Or perhaps they have always been told they mumble or speak too fast and it is impacting their professional life.

Third- a speech-language pathologist believes that every person has a right to communicate. Having voice difficulties? You have a right to communicate. Having difficulties with your speech or getting words out? You have a right to communicate. Have difficulties with hearing loss? You have a right to communicate.

At TASC, we are advocates for our clients and their communication every day of the year. We believe it is never too late to develop the skills that help you become the communicator you want to be. Speech and Hearing Month in May is just one more opportunity to promote awareness and education for all to “Speak Well. Hear Well. Live Well.” (quote from Speech-Language and Audiology Canada)

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