Transgender Communication Training

Regardless of gender identity, our communication is an intimate and unique expression of ourselves to others. Voice and communication are reflections of our identity as much as physicality and visual presentation. As a result, regardless of where a person is in their personal journey or transition, the feeling that their voice is not their own can be disassociating and isolating.

A speech-language pathologist works with a transgender person to support their expression of their authentic Self. At TASC, the goal of speech and communication training with someone who is transgender, is not to confine to societal norms or limitations of gender expression, but to collaborate and find a voice and communicative expression that truly reflects the Self they know.

Possible areas for training include (but are not limited to):

  • Speaking pitch modification (high or low)
  • Voice quality
  • Projection
  • Breath support for speech
  • Expression through choice of language
  • Inflection and other speaking patterns
  • Non-verbal communication

At TASC, we maintain a relationship with the LGBT community of Toronto, and have received specialized training to assure the services we provide to our transgender clients are respectful and current. If you are considering seeking our support with your transition, contact us for more information or to book your initial consultation with our speech-language pathologist.