Professional Communication Training

It is a common myth that speech therapy is only for the disordered populations or children. A speech-language pathologist is trained in all areas of communication and at TASC we have unique experience working with high-functioning adults wanting to improve certain areas of their communication. In Toronto's competitive job market, an increasing number of adults are seeking speech therapy and communication training to improve their professional communication skills and increase their competitive edge. As an adult it is possible to achieve functional and positive change in your communication. 

Possible areas for development include:

  • mumbling

  • enunciation

  • networking and small talk

  • voice quality (pitch, projection, glottal fry, uptalk, etc.)

  • presentation skills

  • presentation anxiety

  • increasing vocabulary 

  • fluency of speech (filler words, pauses, etc.)

  • concise speech

  • communicating in conflict

  • negotiation

  • non-verbal communication

*Most insurance plans cover speech-language pathology services. However, a large proportion of adults are paying for these benefits through their work and never using them! If you think you might benefit from some professional development in areas relating to your communication (like the ones listed above), contact us today to set up an initial consultation. Find out how we can help you gain that competitive edge.



Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about Professional Communication Training at Toronto Adult Speech Clinic

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What is Professional Communication Training?

Professional Communication Training is the refinement of the communication subskills that make for effective communication in professional environments. This can include assertiveness and leadership, public speaking and presentation coaching, voice projection and quality enhancement, enunciation training for mumbling, accent modification, social communication and networking, effective negotiation training, non-verbal communication, and so much more.

Why Professional Communication Training?

Communication skills have consistently ranked in the top of desired characteristics for the workplace. Beyond those statistics lies the fact that communication is the way in which we present ourselves and our companies to those around us. What good is effective problem solving, sales negotiation, or teamwork without the ability to communicate effectively?

Why a Speech-Language Pathologist?

Companies have caught on to the benefits that accompany improving communication skills and confidence and are searching for the right people to do this training. A speech-language pathologist has extensive training in all areas of communication from working with voices to working on clarity of speech to working on how to create successful interactions and conversations. With this broad base of knowledge, it doesn’t have to be a one-skill or one-size fits all model- it can be tailored to the individual, to the role, and to the company.

Why Toronto Adult Speech Clinic?

The clinic was designed to not only be a clinic but a resource for adults. Speech-language pathology is often thought of as having to do with children or adults who have had a stroke- but the scope of what we do is so much wider. Toronto Adult Speech Clinic is a fierce advocate for authentic communication being a right not a privilege. Whether you have had a stroke or you are in senior management and find it difficult to run meetings or manage staff- there is hope for growth and the possibilities to develop communication skills are infinite.

Our registered speech-language pathologist, Jordan Scholl, has extensive experience working with professionals one-on-one and in groups on improving their communication skills. He has worked with CEOs, lawyers, radio and TV personalities, teachers, marketing and sales professionals, healthcare professionals, managers and project managers, just to name a few. Beyond that, Jordan has experience working in theatre and is a two-time Grammy nominated and Juno-nominated singer. This adds another layer to his holistic perspective on how to develop the skills to connect and communicate with a target audience. For a updated CV for Jordan, click here.

What now?

Contact Jordan to set up an appointment to discuss options for your workplace, employees, or just yourself. It is possible to make changes to your communication as an adult and our registered speech-language pathologist is equipped to take you on that journey.